A stunning fan dance has an impact like no other and Ruby’s is one of the best. Teasing from behind her beautiful bespoke ostrich and peacock feather fans, Ruby oozes grace and sensuality in her perfectly choreographed routine to Kashmir or Feeling Good. Can be performed to classic instrumental tracks of bygone eras or a more contemporary song to add an interesting twist.


Beguiling and beautiful as an exotic goddess in a glittering, full-length sequin gown and headdress, Ruby casts a spell over the audience and lures them into a world of an ethereal yet debauched Paradise and, with the help of Guns n Roses, delivers a true rock n roll, bump n grind, tassel-twirling finale!


Ruby is looking for a husband and invites three gentlemen up on stage as prospective suitors to take her hand in marriage. With the participators in place, she tests them on their disrobing skills and hopes that the lucky last man standing will do the honourable thing. The stellar soundtrack of Cupid and Love And Marriage gives enough hints…


One of the darker routines in the repertoire, Fetishesque harnesses the power of serpentine seduction and sensuality in this bondage-inspired routine to Trust In Me, a reimagining of a classic song. Adorned in a bejwelled headdress, tulle, satin and a body harness, this striking act promises to have the audience truly spell-bound.


A classic glamour Victorian showgirl routine to a bespoke vamped-up version of Gershwin’s Rhapsody In Blue. Resplendently dressed in glittering, midnight blue, Ruby delivers a most elegant and sassy striptease peeling off sumptious layers of sparkling satin; a real show-stopping act.


Ruby is a dark horse in this neo-burlesque act. Exquisitely dressed in equestrianwear and accompanied by a swing version of the William Tell Overture and her trusty steed, Horatio the hobby horse. The music then dictates, ‘You Can’t Beat The Horses’ so Ruby shimmies and shakes her way out of her sassy Fosse-inspired costume to reveal her prize-winning assets.


This decadent 1920s-styled act draws on Art Deco opulence and the illicit nature of the Prohibition era. Dripping with jewels in a peach gown, this tantalisingly-slow striptease to Harlem Nocturne adds true sophisticated glamour to any cabaret show or corporate event, especially Prohibition parties.


The perfect Las Vegas-themed routine. A quintessential showgirl striptease with crystalled furry dice, giant playing card fans, poker chip tassels all set to the classic Frank Sinatra track, Luck Be A Lady.


This vintage showgirl-inspired routine simply dazzles with glittering, hand-crystalled lace teasing from underneath layers of sumptuous tulle ruffles. With a killer contemporary track that’s been given a vintage make-over and killer bump ‘n’ grind moves, Ruby Rose is the perfect routine to work an audience up into a frenzy.


Fusing authentic blues and ‘sweet rock n roll’, courtesy of The King, and dressed in exquisite vintage black lace, this routine is a show-stopping number of epic burlesque proportions ‘guaranteed to blow your mind’.


The ultimate show-stopper act set to a sassed-up Queen of Pop classic. Ruby Deshabillé is the Queen of Sequins and will dazzle your audience in a head-to-toe sparkling costume. Come on, baby, do the Loco-motion with Ruby…


The festive period can be a tough time for some folk. It is for the Christmas Fairy. All she wants for Christmas is to mend her broken heart. Perhaps some tassels and Mariah Carey can help…